UltraWave Wireless vacuum cleaner

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If you are looking for an ideal solution for the daily cleaning of your home, the UltraWave model is the one for you.

This appliance is equipped with wireless technology and can be used in all rooms of your home: kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.


  • Elegant and modern design
  • Easy to use
  • Wireless cleaning


  • Removes even the toughest stains
  • No annoying cables to manage
  • Quick and efficient cleaning


To connect the vacuum cleaner to the power outlet, use the angled power cord supplied with the appliance. To select the cleaning mode, press the ON/OFF button to turn the vacuum cleaner on or off. Start cleaning by pressing the START button.


  • Brushes: ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces, such as bathroom furniture or the kitchen.
  • Corner nozzle: to eliminate dust residues from the most difficult to reach areas, such as the cracks between one piece of furniture and another or between the mattress and the mattress itself.


To maintain maximum efficiency, check the filter periodically.
To replace the brushes, be careful not to crush or bend them and remove them delicately using a knife or special screwdriver.


  • Quick and efficient cleaning
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Easy to use

Frequent questions

  • What are the advantages of the wireless vacuum cleaner?
    The vacuum cleaner is perfect for daily cleaning of the home, whether it is wooden floors, rugs, carpets or other. Its ergonomic and lightweight design make it easy to use and maneuver even for those who don't have much arm strength. Furthermore, thanks to its high suction power (2200W), the vacuum cleaner can also suck up heavier dust and dirt such as soft toys or dry leaves that accumulate on the floor during autumn or winter.
  • How is maintenance done?
    To keep your product always efficient and functioning at its best you will have to regularly clean the HEPA filter and possibly change it when necessary; this will allow you to eliminate all dust particles present in your home environment without difficulty!


UltraWave : An Ideal Solution for the Daily Cleaning of Your Home
The ultra wave is a tool for use at home, ideal for cleaning floors and surfaces. Its modern and elegant design makes it easy to use and equipped with a powerful motor that ensures quick and efficient cleaning.

Final Conclusion

If you are looking for a solution that helps you clean your home every day, UltraWave is the ideal choice.

The modern design makes it look great in any room of your home!