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Returns and Returns Information 🀩

Keep an eye on the chat on our site, you may find the answer to your question, if it is not, write via chat or contact our assistance service via whatsapp at 3669075335 πŸ“²

The refund or exchange of the product may be subject to a confirmation of the defect by our customer service.

After the return / exchange authorization by our customer service, the customer prepares the packaging as per the instructions provided, and sends the product no later than 7 working days to the address indicated by the assistance service.

Wait for the new shipment or refund?
Refunds will be made according to the same payment method used for the purchase or you can provide an alternative refund method via chat or whatsapp to our assistance service at 3669075335
NB For the cash on delivery, the refund will not be in cash and it will be necessary to provide iban and current account holder

Support cases will be managed through these channels:
- web chat;
- whatsapp at 3669075335 ;
- mail to: support@fleuurs.com
The customer has 15 working days to request assistance / return / product replacement within which we guarantee coverage (subject to authorization to return / exchange).

All return / exchange requests sent after the aforementioned deadlines will be rejected and denied.

In any case, send a request to our assistance service through the indicated channels:
- first name
- last name
- order reference
our assistance service will in any case manage the request that will be evaluated and subsequently the customer will receive an answer.

All return shipments sent without authorization will be returned to the sender with costs being charged to the sender.

Fleuurs Customer Support


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