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Vapor + 1050W steam pressure washer

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Vapor + 1050W steam cleaner The steam cleaner is a steam appliance 100% free of chemical and harmful products, water is enough to clean the inside and outside of an apartment or house. The hand steam cleaner heats up quickly - some steam cleaners need 10 minutes to heat up....
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Vapor + 1050W steam cleaner
The steam cleaner is a steam appliance 100% free of chemical and harmful products, water is enough to clean the inside and outside of an apartment or house.
The hand steam cleaner heats up quickly - some steam cleaners need 10 minutes to heat up. Our steam cleaner heats up quickly in 3 minutes.
High pressure steam helps remove stubborn oil stains and dirt. Our hand steamer removes grease, dirt and stains with 1050W pressure steam. No harsh chemicals needed.
The hand steam cleaner focuses on cleaning, 9.8ft smart cord gives you more cleaning flexibility. 3.7 lbs. It is light in weight and is comfortable to hold. This hand steam cleaner can go ahead and clean from afar.
Hand steam cleaner, no cost accessory for 9-piece set includes: long nozzle, spray cup with brush, curved sprayer, funnel, measuring cup, door and window cup, towel pouch, brush plate, long spray cup .
Using multiple surfaces therefore reduces cleaning products. The hand steamer works best on sealed surfaces such as ceramic, vinyl, laminate, granite, marble, hardwood floors, especially sinks, ovens, countertops, refrigerators, kitchens, floors, living rooms, windows, toilets, deep cleaning and removal of grease, mould.
The hand steamer combines an indoor and outdoor steam cleaner and a clothes steamer in one.
Thanks to its cap you can use it safely, when the water is hot you won't be able to open it, the trigger has a locking system and can adjust the average steam release force which is 3.2 bar.
There is almost nothing that resists you thanks to the pressure of the hot water, in the house or in the car: storerooms, terraces, bed bugs, mattresses, sheets, linings, kitchen, ceramic glass, carpet, radiators, upholstery, tiles, seals , blinds, window cracks, bathrooms, rims, marble, curtains, cages and pet kennels.
It is a perfect glass cleaner, eliminates mold, grease, bacteria and viruses
There will be no corner that will not be reached by the steam.
It is light weight, weighing 1.78kg.
The ergonomic handle makes its use practical and simple.

Very easy to use: Fill the tank and when the light goes off in about 3 minutes, you can start working by pressing the button according to the desired power, using the extendable hose that best suits your home cleaning operation.
Included in the package are 9 accessories for all your needs.
Clean and sanitize your home by eliminating mites and viruses, it kills and eliminates 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria.
High temperature steam, safety lock, pressure 3 Bar, Multifunction, steam flow 25-40g/min.
Degreases, cleans, sterilises
Max power: 1050W 220-240V 50Hz
Heats to 105°C in less than 3 minutes
Dimensions 25.6 x 23.8 x 14.6cm
Powerful continuous pressurized steam for 10 minutes
210ml tank; Steam ready indicator
Ergonomic handle and safety cap
Kills and eliminates 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria
Accessories included: 1pc funnel, 1pc measuring cup, 1pc lance for glass and mirrors with lance cover, 1pc round brush with bristles and nylon, 1pc lance for fabrics, 1pc concentrator nozzle, 1pc curved sanitizing nozzle, 1pc flexible hose.
*NB. Fleuurs reserves the choice of the color of the product in case of lack.
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